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Node JS

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js lets developers use JavaSc ... read More

Certified Web application Developer (NODE JS)

Duration : 2 Months

31 % OFF

React JS

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces ... read More

Certified Web Component Developer (Front End)

Duration : 2 Months

69 % OFF

Mobile Application Development Using Android

Take your Android coding skills to the next level in our Advanced Android Development training. The course uses the Java programming language and teaches you wa ... read More

Certified Mobile Application Developer (Android)

Duration : 4 Months

38 % OFF

Digital Marketing

Get certified in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also incl ... read More

Certified Digital Marketer

Duration : 2 Months

63 % OFF

Python Programming and Data Exploration in Python

Learn one of the most popular tool for data analytics. Learn Python Programming basics and essentials, along with machine learning for conducting data analytics ... read More

Certified Application Developer & Data Analyst (Python)

Duration : 3 Months

31 % OFF


Learn to run ads on google. Learn Strategic and effective use of SEO for getting in the search results. Get Prepared for five Google certifications. Programs st ... read More

Certified SEO, SEM

Duration : 2 Months

81 % OFF

Software development using Java

Develop in demand programming skills with comprehensive training on the latest Java technology. Learn how to create secure, portable, high-performance applicat ... read More

Certified Professional Java SE Developer.

Duration : 5 Months

75 % OFF

Web Application Development using Java Server Page

JSP supports both scripting and element-based dynamic content, and allows programmers to develop custom tag libraries to satisfy application-specific needs. JS ... read More

Certified Web Component Developer (Java)

Duration : 4 Months

63 % OFF

Web Development using ASP - microsft

.NET is a developer platform made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries for building many different types of applications. ASP. ... read More

Microsoft Professional Certified Developer

Duration : 4 Months

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iCTSLIDES is a global leader in providing business and technology consulting services, that transform organizations through innovative technology solutions. As a leading IT company, We are dedicated to providing your business with the most advanced IT support, training, and empowerment at various levels. Our methodologies are second to none. We are born out of a passion for creativity and innovations. You are welcome to the next levels of creativity. Our services are driving by.

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Teenage ICT.

Teens have creative and fluid minds that allow them to think in a more “out of the box” way. The nearly endless ways of coding and solving problems can inspire Teenagers to improve in their thinking.. There is a logical beginning, progression, and ending to the story and the program. Learning networking at a young age helps your children solve everyday problems and get set up for a lifetime of opportunities.

Just like learning how to ride a bike, learning how to code is easier when you are young. Computer coding is the universal language of the planet. People who know how to code will be able to communicate across countries and cultures, be innovative, and solve problems more efficiently, with no barriers to impede their success.

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iCTSLIDES offers a wide range of product and services you can leverage to improve your organisational and personal growth. With managed IT services from us, you have an organisation who knows your business and your goals, understands how you work, and is regularly working to find new ways to help you succeed.


Hands on PC IT Training

Our practical training is second to none. We have great professionals, who are have developed series of applications with huge experience waiting for you. You are just one step ahead of becoming an IT professional


Teenage IT Training

Teens have creative and fluid minds that allow them to think in a more “out of the box” way. We train Teenagers to become ICT masters at a very young age. These teens Can be more relevant to their families & society if they can be trained during their teenage age. Just like learning how to ride a bike, learning ICT is easier when you are young. The nearly endless ways of coding and solving problems can inspire Teenagers to improve in their thinking.


Technology Business Training

Technology helps businesses maintain data flow, manage contacts, track processes and maintain employee records. Technology makes it possible for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower and helps to reduce the cost of doing business. Thats what we are called to do


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We Combine creativity, ideas, & Technology to produce the best IT solutions for yourself and your business.


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Create a Business website for 40000

Create a Business website for 40000

A professional website isn’t an expensive luxury or a frivolous endeavor — it’s an affordable, fundamental tool that every company needs. Your marketing e ... read More

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